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10 Second Anime - Flying Witch - Episode 8

The cousins meet the owner and the regulars at the witch café.

Episode 8 - "The Regular Customers"


This episode was quintessential Healing Anime. The cousins spent an afternoon at a café meeting people. That was the whole plot! But the music, good-natured comedy and nice characters made for an enjoyable visit.

Meet the Shiina witches. Mrs. Shiina is the owner of Café Concrucio and Anzu is her daughter / doppelganger who's just a little younger than Makoto.

Because mother and daughter look so much alike, the comedic error on Makoto's part of mistaking Anzu for the actual owner compounded error upon error.

The vagaries of the Japanese language and the slight misunderstandings made Makoto think that Mrs. Shiina had let her magic makeup slip.

Makoto, so secretive.

And the Punchline! The other punchline is that Kei learned he's not normal anymore if he hangs out with witches, so he's entirely welcome at Café Concrucio.

The ladybug couple was the first set of regular customers to drop by and they provided a different flavor of comedy.

Instead of a comedy of misunderstandings, we got a comedy of spectacle.

Chinatsu's substitute dialogue of an old married couple bickering over home cooking was worth a few chuckles.

The spectacle came when Mrs. Shiina told the cousins that having a ladybug land on you was good luck. The girls always want more good fortune.

After all that chasing, one ladybug landed on Mrs. Shiina. Hey, they're regulars. They don't know who these noisy girls are.

This kind of comedy relies on the audience wondering what happens next. In this case, it's who are we going to meet next. We've seen a ghost, witches and bugs, so who or what could be next? Before the ladybugs came by, the kids learned that the Harbinger of Spring is also a regular, so how about another mythological being?

Meet the Veil of Darkness who brings the Night. She reads old books and gives hard candy to friendly children.

The final visitor brought the whole episode together.

This fox was the one the Shiina's were expecting this particular day. His favorite dish of winter cherries was all detailed in the background of the other scenes with the regulars. Anzu had come in with a plastic bag with those cherries and she had also asked about the red dish she usually uses for Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox is very polite and, from what you saw at the top of the post, very accommodating of young people. And the fox does not say "kon kon," apparently!

I'm enjoying the continuity of this show too. Healing Anime is all about the passage of time since we need to have a past to look upon nostalgically. Over the last couple of episodes, Akane had been mixing up some kind of potion and the epilogue showed what it was all about.

No, it was not all about getting drunk in Vietnam with a boat renter. Okay, maybe that was a big part of it, but it was mainly another instance of showing how mundane magic in this show looks, but how powerful it can be at the same time. Also, how powerful Akane can be. She's famous enough that the Shiina's could ask whether Makoto was related to Akane because of her last name.

Akane casually jumping all over the world, draining the color out of a bay and dragging her sister along to take pictures reinforced her personality from what we've seen so far. This show just gets me with its attention to detail too. Look at Makoto's picture taken with a disposable camera. She got her finger covering up the lens!

And that poor boat renter. He had bartered services for some money or bottles of sake and he ended up using it all up with that same customer. That's so Akane!

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