Thursday, June 16, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Anne Happy - Episode 11 - Kodaira Breeze

I love it when a funny show uses dramatic cinematography to set the mood. In this case, Kodaira sets up the cliffhanger going into the season finale.

Hibiki always finds it hard to admit that she just wants Ren's company.

Hibari had to feed the injured Botan when all of Hanako's forks broke.

Hurry up! This is embarrassing for her too, Botan!

Botan, yay!

Ren wanted to try that with Hibiki too.

This was almost too much for poor Hibiki's heart.

Hanako was excited to see the nice futons laid out for the trip.

It's okay to sleep under the same blanket as your friend, Hibari. Ufufufu.

This field trip was not fun and games, though. It was a harsh survival camp, one of Kodaira-sensei's specialties.

Garnering the jealousy of every female animal in the forest, Ren does the famous princess carry for the frail Botan.

Kodaira knows the rules of the test are harsh. But they're necessary.

Wow. Nice end card for Botan here.

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