Thursday, June 16, 2016

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 465

Sage Filler Shippuuden continues. Talented Indra invents ninjutsu as the Black Zetsu seeks to influence him.

Episode 465 - "Ashura and Indra"


Indra was the older brother of Ashura and much more talented in molding chakra and releasing it in different ways. He's the one who came up with all the hand signs. This talent and his power started to make him a little arrogant, especially after the Black Zetsu started tempting him.

The Zetsu influenced that wild boar and probably intended to kill Ashura, but the brothers' little shiba inu prevented that.

Still, the loss of a beloved pet was enough to awaken Indra's sharingan. Did it become a tradition among the Uchiha, Indra's descendants, to name all their shiba inu dogs Shiro? Or did Tsunade's Infinite Dream version of Jiraiya borrow that bit of history to make alter-Sasuke in his manuscript have a pet named Shiro?

Anyway, Indra got arrogant and began to believe power was necessary to maintain order, and Hagoromo wasn't too happy about how he kept beating up the students in practice. Neither were the students, who preferred the friendly Ashura to approach.

I suppose the finale of the season will be the events surrounding the naming of Hagoromo's successor to the interpretation of ninshu and the big feud between the Senju and Uchiha clans afterwards. We haven't even seen Ashura learn any sage powers yet.

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