Thursday, June 09, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Anne Happy - Episode 10 - Botan Happy Twirl

Botan was very happy Summer Vacation was about to start.

She has so many plans for her friends, but all that spinning is dangerous for her frail body.

There were a lot of hints that we already know who this new girl is supposed to be. She liked a certain rap song...

Hibiki usually has an outsized self-confidence, but her karaoke skills were pretty good.

Hibari surprised her friends with her nice vocals.

The girls didn't really go to the beach; just the fake one at Botan's house.

Hibiki had a bit of drama in the pool. Did Ren just take her first kiss?

There were three Summer episodes jammed into one here. The girls even had time to go to the Summer Festival.

Hanako's super bad luck continued to show itself.

Ren aims right at your heart. Hnnngg!

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