Thursday, June 09, 2016

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 464

Sage Filler Shippuuden begins. Hagoromo builds bridges. Later, he has two sons.

Episode 464 - "The Ninja Creed"


Here we are again. Filler. Oh joy...

The Sage needs to tell the Reanimated Kages something about the Ninja Creed so they can help rescue Naruto and Sasuke from the dimensions they're stuck in with Kaguya. Okay.

Hagoromo went around repairing bridges and gathering followers. This part was good. It felt just like ancient fables or parables.

This Gamamura Toad has oddly specific dreams about Naruto. We've already seen Naruto sing a song about the Tailed Beasts' names.

The Sage wanted people to bond through the chakra he shared. That didn't turn out so well after he had his kids.

Aw. Chibi Kurama crying about getting separated from the Sage always gets me.

I liked how each of the places the Tailed Beasts called home were the eventual Ninja Hidden Villages.

Isn't this some bad ret-con that the Sage is telling the Kage's about the Black Zetsu when he didn't tell Naruto and Sasuke about him?

And what is up with Madara's lower half still on the ground? I don't remember why Kaguya didn't use his whole body when she resurrected herself. Perhaps Hashirama's cells didn't go all the way down Madara's body?

Next time, the Black Zetsu darkly influences Indra's heart. The Uchiha followed the path all the way to the end.

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