Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finds from the Grind - New Tar Shortcut

I checked out the new tar at the base of the Santa Fe Dam and found a "shortcut" into Duarte. I felt pretty good holding onto the full disc wheel of that time-trialist for a good solid 4 minutes. That guy even had the full-on aero helmet! But then I got a gap because of some underpass, a gusty change of wind direction cracked it wider and I had to wave goodbye to my cheating ways. Well, it's not like I was on a time-trial bike.

The fun part of the ride was riding on that crushed gravel and getting my tires all dusty. I couldn't believe every single gate and driveway out of that parking area was locked. Good thing I found those stairs.

Here's a little bonus video of the Gold Line extension that runs parallel with Duarte Road.

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