Thursday, June 30, 2016

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 466

Filler Shippuuden continues. Hagoromo sends his sons on separate journeys to test who will be his successor.

Episode 466 - "The Tumultuous Journey"


What does being Hagoromo's successor even mean, anyway?

I'm like Ashura looking at the clouds here while I watch this show. What does it matter? Can we get to the important stuff again?

By now, the personality differences between the two brothers are very clear. Hagoromo sees it himself. Indra, with his powerful sharingan, wields power readily, but doesn't know much of love. Ashura, who isn't so adept at Ninshu, has a big heart.

I don't think Hagoromo wants to designate a sole heir. He wants the two brothers influence the world through Ninshu compassionately.

Hagoromo said that Indra's sharingan reminds him of his mother's harsh eyes. Pair that with Indra's response to Ashura's compassion in letting his friend go free: "The Law is the Law."

Like any hero myth, some kind of journey is involved. Hagoromo sends his kids to two places that hadn't been repaired on his own journey after he found places for the tailed beasts. Ashura went to the remnant of the Divine Tree. We'll find out where Indra got sent soon enough.

The webbing stuff on the sick villagers looks like the start of the cocoon the Tree put people into. Since it absorbs chakra, it's not surprising that Ashura's attempt at healing doesn't work, since it would just absorb his chakra too.

Ashura says he can only use wind-natured jutsu. That's another oblique reference to Naruto.

Next time, Indra's little black buddy shows up again on his own journey.

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