Friday, July 01, 2016

Finds from the Grind - Angeles Crest Hwy Climb to Clear Creek

Here's my climb up Angeles Crest Hwy to the visitor center at Clear Creek. The last time I tried climbing up Angeles Crest, it was during a heat wave and I decided to pull the plug on the ride when it got to over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit at 9 AM. This day was much more temperate.

I have to say I'm always impressed with how neat the turnouts look on this road compared to the other climbing roads I frequent. There's probably more traffic to justify the maintenance, but it does have some consequences. The major difference in litter between a road like GMR and Angeles Crest is just how many used condoms you find all over the place. I usually pack my used up rubber products with me, but those things are punctured inner tubes, not some other kind of inflatable.

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