Monday, May 30, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Bakuon!! - Episode 9 - Bike Club Dance

The girls' choreography was probably way more entertaining than bringing a motorcycle on stage anyway.

Hijiri takes her second turn with the eye catch. With Raimu taking next week, I suppose Chisame will have the one after that.

Chisame was inserted into the opening credits pretty seamlessly.

Chisame Nakano is the new cast member and friend of Hane's younger sister Yume.

Such disrespect for bicycle riders in this show. That Cannondale Supersix is a $3,000 bike, yet this girl is going to ride its Shimano pedals in Penny Loafers.

That's a nice idea, but Raimu-senpai is never going to graduate.

Hnngg! Principal Tazuko in a leather riding suit! That girl next to her is Chisame's mother.

Tazuko obviously married the bike and had no room for having children that have already reached high school age.

Sure. Rin will totally give the bike club the message that they can't put a motorcycle on stage at the Orientation Assembly. Too bad she's not an official member and she likes messing with them...

That song, choreography and speech was pretty good for only an hour's worth of work. Since this is an all-girl school, I was expecting something this embarrassing.

I was not expecting some mini-bike nerd storming the stage and making a first impression on the entire student body. Chisame will have to join the Biker Club now, as if we couldn't tell that was going to happen from the opening and closing credits.

This girl has no shame in presenting an aero tuck. Chisame is going to be a favorite for those who like the serious low talking jargon spewing type. All that's left for her to do is give us a nice looking Vee for Victory sign.

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