Tuesday, May 31, 2016

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 462

Kaguya Filler Shippuuden concludes. Kaguya's Children confront her. The Black Zetsu explains his nefarious plot.

Episode 462 - "A Fabricated Past"


The title of the episode refers to how the Black Zetsu manipulated the descendants and reincarnations of the Hagoromo's children, Indra and Asura, to resurrect his mother Kaguya. A thousand years of ninja clan warfare can be blamed on him.

Kaguya added some things that I don't remember from the manga. First, she said she came from the sky, from far away, where her sons should never go. Hmm. Second, she claimed that she was building an army to oppose those who would be coming after her, who had never felt love and only know power.

Yeah, them.

I bring this up because this is the first little mention of what the Boruto story will be all about. Well, first Boruto will have to deal with what Hamura's descendants have been doing up on the Moon for the last thousand years, but then the Big Bads will show up soon after. Expect that story to wrap up in another 15 years...

Speaking of the Moon, that was Kaguya's grave which Hagoromo made using Planetary Devastation. This resurrected Kaguya was born out of the body of the Divine Tree and the Black Zetsu, which means her actual body is still up there. Yup, at least 15 years worth of Boruto...

Sasuke heard for the first time how the Uchiha's Sacred Tablet was a big bunch of lies, but stubborn emo that he is, he still won't change his mind about how to change the Ninja World. Whoops, that part comes later. The stubborn emo part is evergreen, though.

The Rinnegan is the final form of the Sharingan, but it can only be awakened by someone with both Uchiha and Senjuu blood and has lost his most beloved brother. Madara found his own solution to that by biting a piece off Hashirama as he died and then letting his time-release Izanagi fold back his time.

Sasuke got his left eye Rinnegan when he received the half part of Hagoromo's chakra in the dual vision he shared with Naruto.

And we're all caught up. But first, baby Tailed Beasts!

I'm feeling a little more hopeful Naruto finishes up at the end of the Spring season. The battle with Kaguya doesn't last that long after Naruto... does that thing we'll see next week. The series of events after the main battle with Kaguya should only take a couple of episodes too, but we'll see if the producers want to drag out another bit of filler.

There was an animation team put together to make the Boruto movie and there were some extra Naruto manga chapters written by Kishimoto himself to bridge up to the Boruto manga getting serialized. Suddenly, I'm not so hopeful about Naruto ending quickly in the way the manga did.

Ah well, next time, Naruto does THAT to Kaguya. Number One Unpredictable Ninja, indeed.

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