Saturday, May 28, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Anne Happy - Episode 8 - Kodaira-sensei Sways

If you haven't figured out by now that Ms. Kodaira has a strong sadistic side, this episode helped you out with that.

Character creation in a VR PvP RPG never looked this good. This is magical girl transformation good!

Ren revealed that she was quite competitive in things that don't matter.

Youch. Hibari is apparently no good at these games.

Botan warned us that we would be blinded when we saw her. This is my kind of healing class Priestess outfit!

It only makes sense that Botan would use her S-Class chest to block a harmful attack. Those are deadly weapons too!

Hibiki became an archer during character creation. Does this system take into account that she would normally find herself far away from where the action was concentrated because she got lost easily?

Hanako's Dancer class is like Bard class. Strong support skills, but not much in the way of direct offense or defense skills. She should have learned how to use her debuffs against Kodaira-sensei's Demon class.

Yes, Kodaira-sensei. You did get carried away.

This scene captures perfectly the title of the anime. Anne Happy!

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