Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 Second Anime - Kuma Miko - Episode 6

Machi tries going to the mall and Natsu feels guilty for making her go.

Episode 6 - "Village of Vanguards"


Yoshio and Machi go on a field trip to the mall to explore some supposedly popular store and Machi totally freaked out. She's got two main issues of social anxiety and a complex about being from the sticks. Factor that in with a cute boy seeing her in distress in a very embarrassing situation, and it's no wonder she was so upset that she got sick.

The eye catches reference Natsu's unspoken worry that she'll become a bad girl in these modern times and how she looked when she tried to nurse a fever stricken cub so that Natsu feels he has to return the favor.

Kyaa! Hibiki is crushing hard on Yoshio!

She also knows that the cool kids like trendy stuff sold at Village Vanguard.

Machi appears to fit right in with the generation of old-timers because she has no idea what kind of stores are in malls, how to use an escalator or how to deal with how many people get crammed together in the big city.

She acted like any toddler on her first trip out of the neighborhood. Except she probably hits way harder than one.

Poor Yoshio. He's the designated punching bag for the women in his life.

How embarrassing. Running up the down escalator and a cute boy literally picks Machi up to tell her "children" should not play on the machinery.

Total failure of a trip. Yoshio laid the guilt-trip on Natsu though, saying he should have known Machi wasn't ready to go to the mall.

I'm on Natsu's side here. He knew Machi needed to get acquainted with modern technology and transportation, but how could he know about her social anxiety and "bumpkin complex." He spends all his time with her, but he couldn't step back and see that she only spent time with him. He's a talking bear: he can't spend a lot of time with a bunch of people, but Machi had issues.

Machi is the only kid in her class at school and we've heard a single mention of her grandma and nothing of her parents. Natsu was just ignorant of her terminal shyness.

Natsu felt bad and tried to cook the usual comfort food of rice porridge, but lacking opposable thumbs makes knife work pretty dangerous for a bear.

All was forgiven between the two, but Machi still needed to get over her frustrated feelings.

No table flipping! This isn't an anime! Oh, wait...

Machi needs to socialize with other people closer to her age instead of the elderly and a talking bear. Does Natsu have a set of missions to handle the social anxiety and "bumpkin complex?" We'll have to see.

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