Friday, May 27, 2016

10 Second Anime - Flying Witch - Episode 7

Nao joins Makoto and her cousins for an herb gathering trip. The cousins visit a witch café.

Episode 7 - "Café Concrucio"


A large cast of interesting supporting characters makes for successful Healing Anime and this week we have two characters play off each other as we get to know them better while another gives her first impression.

The pretense tying these characterization exercises is an herb gathering trip. Nao comes along and so does Chito.

How rare. This cat is sitting on top of a box instead of inside it...

Yay! It's Nao, saying hi to Chito.

An intelligent cat still likes what a cat likes. Chin skritches are the best!

Hmm. Nao noticed something while she was petting Chito.

Eek! You don't tell a girl cat to her face that she put on weight!

Yeah, Chito did not take that observation well. Heavy? Chito will give Nao all that heavy weight she put on.

I liked the casual high five Nao gave Chinatsu when they came to the door.

Oh, Chito has tail slaps for Nao too.

Lots of tail slaps.

After that unpleasantness was dealt with, we learned that Chito is 17 years old. Makoto explained that witch familiars are "special." I wonder how long they usually live. Kenny, Akane's familiar, must be about as old as Akane herself too.

Chito liked being called "senpai." Plus, she decided to join their little trip because she needed the exercise. Heh.

Kei set out the rules for rural herb gathering, but the last rule had a hint of danger.

Look out for bears! Nao and Makoto didn't like that but Chinatsu seemed ready for anything.

Kei also forgot the bell they needed to make a lot of noise to keep the bears away. You can see it there right on the table in front of Akane.

This is a show about witches, so that means in addition to cats, there's got to be frogs.

Nao really doesn't like frogs. Her yelling about them turned into a running joke with a nearby bear showing how safe they would be because of all that racket they were making.

Back home from collecting the herbs, Chinatsu tried them as a show of maturity after her misadventure with bakke.

I want to go day drinking with Akane!

The second half of the episode featured the witch café we've seen in the opening credits. We still haven't met the owners of the house, but we did meet the ghost.

Kei felt a lot better after Makoto used magic to make her visible.

I still like how subtle magic is in this show. The magic camouflage on the café disappeared after a simple gesture. Magic also seems to be extra sneaky in this show. It's pretty rare to see the magic in action, like a flying witch or a ghost materializing.

This shy ghost had some cute moments when she was still writing notes when the three cousins could already see and hear her. She's got some quirks too, judging from the epilogue where she put on a Noh mask so she could be more comfortable talking to the kids.

Now that the cousins know how close this café is, I hope we get another visit to meet the owners and draw the 100 year old ghost out from her shell. I also hope there's some benign story behind the name of the coffee shop, since concrucio is a biblical Latin word meaning "to torture violently." Crucio is the Latin verb "to crucify," so we're already looking at some bad sounding stuff.

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