Wednesday, July 22, 2015

10 Second Anime - Shokugeki no Soma - Episode 15

The Totsuki students return from camp and are surprised by the return of Souma's dad to their dorm. Joichiro reveals part of his past to Souma.

Episode 15 - "The Man Called the Demon"


And we're back after a short hiatus. Last week was a recap episode, so no need to cover something with no new animation. New opening credits, new closing credits. For some reason, the closing credits feature the stalker I saw a couple episodes ago.

This Totsuki Academy runs an efficient trade program. Not only did the camp serve to weed out students, but it included a way for alumni to scout new employees and for the staff to choose certain students for the upcoming Autumn Elections.

Hinako will not stand for any poaching from Shinomiya! Especially after he almost expelled one of the students he tried to recruit.

Megumi might need to get used to people fighting over her.

Bye bye, Ikumi. I hope we see you again real soon!

These two always seem to end up spending time together. Erina and Souma both missed their buses after having to retrieve very important items. We got an inkling of why Erina needed that recipe book because of the picture in it (young Erina crushing hard on Joichiro). I hope we find out what Souma's attachment to his headband is about. Something from his mother?
Old people always got to give young people snacks and candy.

The girls were impressed with Joichiro's manliness, and saw Souma's confidence and reliability as growing into it.

Souma is so oblivious. The young maidens were hoping that Souma would soon take after his father, but he had no idea what those looks of interest meant. Even Megumi!

The Yukihira terrible dish confirmed for everyone that Souma was his father's son.
I loved how Souma just started taking orders from his dad in the kitchen before realizing, hey, "My dad is in this kitchen!"

Fumio had mentioned about the Polar Dormitory's glory days, so it was fun to discover that Doujima and Souma's dad were part of that, especially how they were number 1 and 2 of the Elite 10.
Mr. Yukihira threw us quite the changeup from the first episode. He challenged Souma to a shokugeki! Knowing his Totsuki background now gives us depth too for his and Souma's tradition of the cooking challenge in front of the diner's customers.


As with any good mystery, the unraveling produces more interesting questions. First off, Souma's dad took on the name Yukihira when he used to be called Saiba. He never graduated, presumably to start a family with Souma's mother, but he was still involved with the school. We saw that one of Erina's prized possessions was an old recipe book with a picture of her with Mr. Yukihira. Further, we know that both Souma and his dad come from the school of learning from their failures, which is why they have that contest of finding horrible taste combinations. Erina's memory of Mr. Yukihira points to a philosophy of never presenting a failure to the dining table. I'm not sure there's a contradiction as long as the experiments are done in the kitchen and not given out to customers.
So, who is Yukihira? Where did that name come from? Why was Joichiro cooking for Erina? Why did Joichiro's dishes mellow out compared to the explosive tastes he used to employ, earning him the name "Demon?" I hope his little battle with Souma next episode, with comments from Fumio, will answer some of these questions.

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