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10 Second Anime - Prison School - Episode 3 [BD Updates]

Kiyoshi and Gakuto prepare for Kiyoshi's escape, but setbacks force them to change their plans.

Episode 3 - "A Huge Eruption"


Hana must still not be over her "accident" in the toilet with Kiyoshi, because she was nowhere to be seen this episode. It was up to Meiko to do the heavy lifting for discipline and fanservice.

Meiko appears to like hitting Gakuto more than the others. Is this how she's showing a growing interest in him?

Oh yes. This was the episode with THAT scene from the manga.

How infamous is this scene? There's a figurine for it!

Here's a full length picture, for, you know, REASONS.

I had thought the Chairman might have been showing his thong pictures stash to his daughter for some clever reason, but no. He's just a horn dog with no self control.

Farewell porno collection. And, oh hey, extra cement to patch up that pesky hole in the wall.

Kiyoshi and Gakuto were willing to sacrifice a lot of their pride to make this plan work. Like having Kiyoshi suffer bowel trouble to explain his disappearance. Gakuto had actual bowel trouble to make that recording. There went his chance for any kind of normal reputation in high school, all for those collectible figurines.

I seriously doubt Lego would ever make a Meiko character.

With the hole patched, even though I don't know how the chairman did such a fine job on the inside of the wall with all the debris in front of it, Kiyoshi came up with a new plan: disguise himself as a girl to walk out the front gate during the track club's meet. Gakuto must have figured out a flaw in it, so he deliberately started provoking the wardens for a terrible beat down. I guess we'll find out what he saw, besides Mari's panties, next episode.

Three episodes in and we finally got a nice bunch of jokes about prison romance. And it was still relevant to the overall humor and plot! Poor Shingo, though, letting his imagination run wild.


Does Meiko sleep in the prison dorm too? I can't imagine she would think it's proper to walk across the campus in her pajamas. Speaking of pajamas...

Yowza! All that was missing on those shorty shorts was a JUICY logo.

Meiko has to know this outfit would have an effect on the dudes. Is she doing this on purpose? I thought the Chairman might have been "inadvertently" showing sexy stuff to his daughter, but he was just oblivious. Perhaps Meiko is too.

Come on! She's doing squats right in front of the guys. Come on! I'm not complaining, but I don't even think girls in an all-girl environment would act like this.

Okay, fine. Keep doing what you're doing, Meiko.

It was all a setup for Kiyoshi to get a view of heaven. He almost got caught because of the distraction, and then he got stabbed by her stiletto heels on the way out. Still, it added another bit of plausibility for being stuck on the toilet for the grand escape.

She's just too much. She's combining so many fetishes in one character.


Not only was THAT scene uncensored, so that we saw Meiko's crotch in all its sweaty squatting glory, but there was a redone scene in full Lego mode and we saw what made Kiyoshi so angry when he took his practice run outside the wall.

This was totally blocked before. No wonder Kiyoshi was so jealous of this guy's grabby hand.

As you can see from above, they reshot this scene for the blu-rays so we had consistency between the sneaky prisoner and the sexy guard.

Now, have a good eyeful of Uncensored Meiko Crotch Watch.

Gakuto had his hands full too...

Meiko got ready to launch Kiyoshi to heaven.

Full-length for REASONS.

Oh, so much better without the celestial ray of censorship.

We can all understand why Kiyoshi lingered here, but he got his divine retribution for tempting the fates.


I thought it wasn't so much of a stretch for Kiyoshi to come up with the plan to cross-dress with a stolen uniform. He had already played a girl in the first episode during the peeping operation, and his declaration of "being a girl" added another joke to the prison romance misunderstanding. It was a good first draft of a plan, just like his concept of chipping away at the hole in the wall in the storage shed.

But as we saw later, Gakuto had to step in to refine the plan and take into account more of the variables. That's apparently what started happening at the end of the episode when he was provoking violence from Meiko and Mari. What did he see and why does he need to be injured? Even with all the horror show sexy elements in this show, it's still a good caper story.

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