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10 Second Anime - Prison School - Episode 2 [BD Updates]

Kiyoshi seeks a way to break out of prison for his sumo date with Chiyo. Hana seeks payback for a breach of privacy.

Episode 2 - "The Man who Saw Too Much"


The episode picked up right from the last episode Kiyoshi falling from a tree branch and seeing Hana relieve herself in the woods. So mortified was she, that she couldn't even respond violently in that moment. This was a girl school after all, so dealing with boys is still a high hurdle.

There's a bit of mystery as to why the chairman of the school insisted so much on going coed. He just happens to be the father of Mari, the underground school president and a major connoisseur of big butts. I think we're beginning to see why Mari hates men so much, but I'm not sure whether he's showing this stuff to her deliberately or not.

The chairman is another odd character who likes to punctuate his sentences with Japanese emphasis words. Dramatically. It's hilarious!

Hey. Random Attack on Titan reference.

It's not just Chiyo with Sumo on the brain. When Gakuto found out about Kiyoshi and Chiyo's plan to see a match, he began to lay down hints to Kiyoshi that he knew. One of his hints was a sumo stomp and Hana kicked the hell out of him. And then there were the paired bath scenes.

I won't show you the male prison shower version... but the dialog was pretty much the same - both people with glasses mentioned that the yokozuna sumo (champion sumo wrestler) has an attendant who helps him bathe, even massaging his posterior. In Gakuto's case, he was hinting to Kiyoshi that he knew about his sumo date. I don't know why Meiko mentioned it, and Mari made the joke that she hoped she wasn't saying that because she had gotten fat recently.

Uh, no. Not even close, Mari. So, Sumo is a thing for the students at this school for some reason. It's not just Chiyo.

The monster show levels of violence and gore didn't let up either.

Meiko still gave us a great show with her cunning use of sadism.

She made Kiyoshi and Gakuto choose which side of their pelvic region was going to get the lash, but they just didn't know it at the time.

I think Gakuto got the better part of the deal here.
One thing that was answered for me in the second episode was whether bloody injuries were supposed to be taken seriously. Apparently not. Broken glasses and cuts heal quickly in this show, so it's just a more gory version of a cartoon gag reaction shot.
I like that no detail is wasted in the telling of this story. Because Mari caught her father looking at a luscious butts website, she decided to take out her hatred of her perverted dad on the guys. That meant no weekend furloughs, pushing the prison breakout plot, but it also meant upgrades.
Meiko had been using an extendable metal pointer all this time for her lashings.

Mari gave her the go-ahead to be harsher, so that meant Meiko got a new toy.

She enthusiastically moved to break in her nice new riding crop.

I absolutely loved the resolution to Hana's obsession with seeing Kiyoshi urinating to get even with him for accidentally watching her pee.

Whether Kiyoshi actually peed on her or not (I'm voting not and she just landed in the toilet bowl after she tripped) will have to be resolved in the next episode.


I believe I'm going to have to make a new feature for this show's coverage - Meiko's Crotch Watch.

Celestial rays and shadows of censorship everywhere!
Meiko is still doing the heavy lifting (heh) for fanservice because Hana is all covered up and we still don't see that much of Mari.

Mari helped a little bit with the steamy bath scene, but so far, it's all about Meiko.

With all the attention she's been giving Gakuto, I wonder if she hasn't taken a little shine to him, in her own cruel sadistic way.

Maybe it's a glasses thing?


As I suspected, Meiko's crotch watch was much more detailed under those decency devices. I had no idea those purple panties had such a nice cross hatch design... Meanwhile, some of the steamy bath scenes lost their significance because we couldn't see the parts of the girls' bodies that didn't need censorship. The NSFW details can now be shown.

I thought Meiko figured out last episode that this kind of "punishment" isn't really punishment for the boys.

How discriminatory. The boys got no steam covered naked sumo jokes. I appreciate the uncensored correction.

What we missed under all the fog of vagueness was Mari's casual comfort with Meiko, which showed how close she was with her committee members. We also missed how appreciative Meiko was of the attention this early in the season.


There was actually some good storytelling going on in this episode. Kiyoshi wasn't sure what Gakuto's intentions were with all his sumo hints. Surviving in prison requires quite a lot of paranoia, so that dynamic was touched on here a bit. Did Gakuto want in on the plot? Was he going to extort favors for being quiet about it? Was he going to rat Kiyoshi out if what he offered wasn't good enough? That lent a whole different vibe to the shower scene, right?
But no. He wants Kiyoshi to pick up some figurines that just happen to be on sale at the same venue as the sumo wrestling match. He has a vested interest in breaking Kiyoshi out for the weekend.
Even whether Kiyoshi had to break out at all was a question to be answered because of the weekend furlough rules. But no. Mari's father just had to leave his Latin Beauties site up on his computer for his daughter to see. This show is great so far. Not a scene is wasted without progressing the plot in some way.

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