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10 Second Anime - Saki - The Nationals - Episode 6

Saki - The Nationals - Episode 6

After lunch, it's time for Hisa to shine, or not... Oh, she forgot to add one more thing to her checklist: Have Fun!

At some point, the pressure was going to get to Hisa, who had been working to get her club to the National Tournament for 3 years, starting from one person to where they are now. They don't have a faculty advisor, they don't have any alternates, and she's also the Student Council President. Not only that, her mahjong power is the single hell-wait, which is very long on odds, and very nerve-wracking. How did Hisa come this far without feeling overwhelmed at some point? After the 2nd round, it's lunchtime, and then it will be Hisa's turn. Oh, the genki girl announcer sure knows how to declare lunchtime!

The announcers, pros, and faculty have their own cafeteria, but it seems like they're still high school girls at heart, since they know which women to stay away from. Like the air-headed substitute advisor for Himematsu. How mean!

Hisa is checking off her list for all her preparations for the match, and she's so nervous, she wants to go to the game studio. She hasn't realized how big the stage is, and finally the pressure, the hopes of all her friends and teammates, and just the size of the National Tournament overwhelms her. Even though she got to the stage first, the other players all sit down before she does. She's been spacing out for 15 minutes. The third round starts, and Hisa is clearly off her game, quickly losing the lead Kiyosumi had, and falling to a distant last place. From the green room, Mako already suspected Hisa was not her usual self when she left for the match, and now she knows for sure.

Just when she starts panicking that she might be eliminated just by losing all her points, she realizes how boring it would be. Boring? She's here to have fun too! With that, she breaks through her frozen pressure, and builds a nerve-wracking hell-wait that she's famous for. The other Kiyosumi girls start breathing sighs of relief because they saw she wasn't playing her usual style. Nodoka, on the opposite, is now feeling nervous again, because she wasn't seeing those long odd waits from Hisa. Mako remarks to herself that Hisa went a little crazy by herself, and got out of it by herself. And on Hisa's next draw, she gets some points back.

With that drama out of the way, we set our focus on one of the other girls around the table. Her style is getting cheap fast points, which can be used for defense if an opponent has an expensive hand. This will be the story in the second half of the match, but with Hisa at full power, she might not have to take many turns to get her hell-waits. She did crush two schools all by herself in the earlier rounds, so maybe we'll get to see how she did that!

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