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10 Second Anime - Saki - The Nationals - Episode 5

Saki - The Nationals - Episode 5

Demon possession? One of the mahjong monsters thwarted by a "regular?" And a joke setup from last week gets its punchline this week.

It looks like Yuuki is going to finish strong in the first round, but the shrine priestess falls asleep just as she's about to explode with a huge point total, and a lightning demon takes over and takes her big point total from Yuuki alone. Falling from 1st to 3rd doesn't sit well with Yuuki, but Mako and Hisa console her.

There were supposed to be more explosions of points than the one at the end, as one of the special abilities of Suzu was to get one big hand per round. So instead of being branded with "Shame" on her forehead, she gets 未 ("mi", not yet). So cruel.

The mahjong monster for the 2nd round is supposed to be a New Zealander who likes to draw on a dry erase board. Her tendency is to win every single hand. She visualizes what her winning hand will be, and fills in the other tiles for her opponents. Her teammate, in passing the other school members doesn't feel any special strength from any of them, so she thinks things are in the bag for this upcoming round. Well, don't underestimate the power of megane.

Mako's power is recognizing the pattern of discards as if they were faces. That's a good memory! She remembers faces she likes, and ones that are good for each of the seats. However, what she's been working on is changing the face if she doesn't like it, which totally spoils the Kiwi's power of visualization. Even taking cheap points is better than losing tons. The other schools are starting to realize that Kiyosumi isn't just about Nodoka and her "style" from the news coverage. Everyone on the team is a monster in some way. At the end of Mako's round, Kiyosumi is in first place for the match.

After Hisa's turn will be Nodoka's. Penguin power and oppai jokes coming up soon!

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