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10 Second Anime - Silver Spoon S2 - Episode 3

Silver Spoon S2 - Episode 3

Fuji Sensei approves of Vice Prez. Maron the horse won't let Hachiken jump. Aki shows Hachiken how to trust a horse. Hachiken jumps high!

With the approval of Fuji Sensei, Vice Prez has been accepted as one of the cast. Good job, Vice Prez! The equestrian club is learning how to jump this week, and Hachiken's failure to launch reveals a bit more about his personality, and some of the circumstances about his mental breakdown in junior high. In horse jumping, most of the work is done by the horse, naturally, and it is up to the rider to react and adjust to the horse's rhythms and actions. Maron, the most experienced and irascible horse in the stable, has been Hachiken's partner since he joined the club, and he refuses to jump for him. They even try other riders to show that it's not Maron that has the problem, but Hachiken. The faculty advisor and club senior know that Maron is protecting the rider.

Hachiken double checks that animals are actually listening to him by running through Vice Prez's commands in front of Maron. Maron blows a raspberry at this nonsense. Hachiken starts to feel that same pressure he had in junior high when he just wasn't getting a subject, and vows to work harder. Aki gets mad at him, telling him he'll hurt the horses that way, and that it's not about practicing more. She can't really explain it in words, so she wants to show him by inviting him to a competition back home.

Mr. Mikage meets them and doesn't seem to be all that mad to see the former part-time worker. He's still protective of his daughter though. In the competition, we see that the best jumper is this little pony that even new riders can handle. They let Aki have a try at the course with a horse she's never ridden before, and while she makes good time, she knocks down a bar for a penalty. She blames herself for not reacting to the horse's way of jumping, and thanks the horse for adjusting to her so quickly. Hachiken then realizes something... Aki lets out her Hokkaido accent when she's being bluntly honest. Hah, embarrassing! The dad knows they're getting pretty chummy by the way he grills Hachiken, and there seems to be a tacit acceptance of how Aki's feelings are developing for the part-timer.

Back at school, Hachiken has a better idea of why Maron wouldn't jump for him. Since he's been riding him all this time, Maron knows Hachiken has been forcing the rhythm of the ride, instead of reacting and adjusting. When they try jumping next, Hachiken asks for Maron's help. Maron then shows him how he jumps for someone he trusts. High. Very high. Too high! Needless to say, Hachiken is very happy about this. Maron, who doesn't like to show affection that much, is not.

It's not like I wanted to show you how high I can jump, baka... So tsun-tsun. Working with these large animals, Hachiken is also working on his trust issues, to learn it's okay to let others do the work for you. A leader may call that delegation, but a better interpretation is forming a family. Horses are cool, huh, Hachiken?

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