Thursday, October 17, 2019

10 Second Anime - Shokugeki no Soma S4 - Episode 1

The team shokugeki continues with the 2nd bout. With cayenne pepper as the theme ingredient, Rindo and Megishima face each other.

Episode 1 - "What We Want to Protect"


And we're back after about a year and three months. I expected two years, but since the manga ended so abruptly this summer, the production committee probably thought they had to strike while people still cared about this show.

The scrolling picture drama continues. It appears the production crew is going to take this adaptation style all the way to the very end. We've got 25 episodes, so we should get comfortable here. Besides full color versions of the foodgasms from manga, the funny chibi forms are the only thing to look forward to visually.


The music and scenes in the opening and end credits are pretty much where all the effort went to for the animation. It made me feel nostalgic for the days when popular anime drove music sales. Maybe that dynamic has inverted? The rebels spells out 神 (しん, shin - spirit) in the ending to match 4th Plate (四の皿) as a pun 神の皿 (shin no sara).

Souma is still Souma. He's pretty clueless about the effect he has on others. We're going to get the backstory on how Souma convinced Megishima the Young Prince of Ramen to join the rebels. Nice. Anne still hasn't recovered from her foodgasm from last year. Ryouko thinks her sake is responsible. The next team match features Eishi and Rindo. Rindo wants to pick the lottery cards. She really wants to!

Rindo is crazy! She's going to cook a live alligator! Did the animation team pixelize the wrong thing? That's either a really sketchy parfait and some grape juice, or underage, red wine drinking is A-okay! Har. The Souma wants to make a super disgusting team of Sadatsuka, Rindo, and himself.

Ah. Megishima hated shokugeki, but he changed his mind after competing with Souma for the soul of ramen. Nice. Very nice. It's been a very long time since we've seen Megumi suffer foodgasms.

Peanuts! Megishama is mixing cayenne peppers with peanuts! Souma wonders where the squid is at.

Dark Urara looks like she's going to get purified by the power of foodgasm in the next episode.

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