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10 Second Anime - Azur Lane - Episode 2

While the Azur Lane base undergoes repairs, the Red Axis attacks another fleet on their way to join them.

episode 02 - "MELEE - Pulsing Waves, Steel Wings"


Mental Cubes — unknown crystals somehow came to humanity to fight the Sirens. The way Akagi keeps whipping her new purple one around, this is going to be the main issue powering the season's plot. The blue cubes just "somehow" sprang into existence to create the techno magical ship girls soon after the Sirens appeared and took over the oceans. What a coincidence! I'm sure this is part of that "deception" Akagi was talking about at the end of the last episode.

Somehow, it was important to show this scene of Eldridge opening her eyes. Was she awakening? Getting her soul? I have questions that I hope the anime answers later in the season. As I talked about last episode, this scene is almost a perfect rendering of artwork found in the game. It's just more of that fan service for the game players.

The narration confirms that the Red Axis is fighting Azur Lane while they're both still fighting the Sirens. When will those golden-eyed enemies show up? They just might be a little annoyed that the Sakura Empire is creating their own versions of their mindless red-trimmed military craft. Connected to the debate of using Siren technology to defeat them is that common question in battle anime — why do you fight?

If the boat girls' original purpose was to fight the Siren, it makes sense that some would question why they had to fight each other, when there's a common enemy that should be defeated first. Well, the Third Reich attacked their own ally, the Soviet Union, during World War II, so this plot point isn't unexpected if we have a side that's openly referring to the Axis Powers. It's also a common convention in war stories for the soldiers to pass around their own motivations for fighting, like protecting their family, avenging a comrade, or becoming strong enough to make sure a friend never dies again. Yeah, I'm looking at Enterprise's martyr complex right now. We have time enough to explore her backstory, especially with what happened during this week's episode.

On an aside, I'm really enjoying the ship girl sound effects. I'm talking about their walking sounds, clanking sounds of machinery, ocean air effects, and even the sound of splashing through puddles as they run across the ocean. I recommend listening to the episodes with headphones on, or a good surround sound system. I'm not even joking. You can hear the sound of the anchor chains on the girls as they run around and the wooden block sandals of Kaga as she walks around the ship deck.


I've discovered the episode titles are only in the separate previews on Azur Lane's YouTube page (there are no previews at the conclusion of the show), which you can also find on their official anime site, and in the title pages for the streaming services. Can't they be put in the episode somewhere? I know a lot of TV shows like to do this crap, but come on. Episode titles should be in the show, not just a script title to be displayed in a TV guide database.


I read on the internet (so it must be true!) that the sequence of the little chicks from the game collecting the ship girls was an homage to Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor. I almost believe that. San Diego had a rough day. I'm so glad the little chicks are working so hard.

Laffey goes down for the count. She's always sleepy, so how can you tell if anything is different? Hee! Unicorn had to cover U-chan's eyes from seeing Javelin's little show. Huh. These little ship girls actually aren't so little. Lucky crabs. It's clear that Laffey needs an intervention. Maybe she needs all that cola for the caffeine?

Aw. San Diego despairs at the battle damage of her real ship. Enterprise is all beat up. She's a "fight until you can't" character type. That's no good if all your weapons break while engaging the enemy. Oof, Enterprise's eyes grayed out. She needs a gel pack and a nap.

Akagi has a different repair protocol for Kaga. Hoh. They're just "like sisters," not actually sisters. Even better to know!

Fun. The music introducing Prinz Eugen sets her character's attitude nicely. Akagi and Prinz Eugen make quite the pair of mean girls. Iron Blood is not using Siren technology the way Sakura Empire does. Also fun. Prinz Eugen's ship attachments act like pet guard dogs. I love her character so much, the way she pisses off Kaga.

Aw. Not all of the Red Axis wants to fight other ship girls. Ayanami and Z23 have the usual debate over just following orders compared to needing a reason to fight. They were created to fight Sirens, not each other. Ayanami just wants to pet U-chan again.

Enterprise has a pet eagle. Laffey is the wisest one of the bunch. No work when sleepy! I think that's good as a philosophy and a description of reality. But Laffey will fight to stop people bullying her friends. Enterprise perked up a bit on that.

Oops, these ship girls are late. Hammann appears to be the type who bites off more than she can chew. I really hope we get to see more Northampton. Tan girls with abs are awesome! Hornet has nice cowboy accessories. She also acknowledges being under the shadow of her big sister Enterprise.

Enterprise is going into battle all beat up. Will someone say that they wanted to fight her at her best? Oh, she's worried about her little sister Hornet. Cleveland and her nice socks will help out a friend.

Good to know that none of the ship girls die. They just float around all tired. You can also tell which boats are going to be used for comic relief. Hammann, I'm looking at you.

Nuts. Just when things looked to be under control Prinz Eugen and her little sisters crew of Z23 and Ayanami show up. Is Prinz Eugen controlling these Siren vessels? Or do they have to take orders from a Sakura Empire boat?

Oh ho. Queen Elizabeth has a skin fang. So that's why there are so many maids in the Royal Navy. They're serving the queen! Also, she sent one of her big battle maids up ahead to help out. Who?

Enterprise is a savvy fighter, but her equipment failed twice. That's one backup attack too many when she's that damaged.

Laffey's too sleepy. Time to quit. Actually, she knows someone big and beautiful is on the way to do all the work for her. Belfast brought the big guns! I'm expecting a expeditious tactical retreat next episode.

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