Friday, April 19, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Senryuu Shoujo - Episode 3 - Nanako Pretend Roller Coaster

Nanako's charade skills are so strong she can even make a huge gust of wind appear to sell the image of a roller coaster.

The theme of the week is "amusement park memories" but it's clear that Amane and Koto want Eiji and Nanako to make other springtime of youth type memories while they're there.

Amane bailed on the Literature Club's trip to the amusement park, so Nanako's casual outfit turned into a date outfit. Amane and Koto approved, from a safe enough distance so they wouldn't get caught spying on the couple they're trying to get together.

Nanako had a good time and referenced her old memory of not wanting to leave the park in her poem. Eiji, dumb guy that he is, didn't take the hint and just pointed out that her shoes don't even have shoelaces. Amane's outburst gave away her location...

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