Friday, April 12, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Senryuu Shoujo - Episode 2 - Nanako Angry Face

Nanako did not like hearing from her little brothe that she eats more than a sumo wrestler.

Eiji has a big sister type friend who goes to his school named Koto. She saw Eiji and Nanako sharing a meal after school, which gave her a bittersweet feeling. That meal, however, made Nanako self-conscious about the "roundness" of her belly, per Eiji.

Nanako asked Koto to help her lose weight, not that she really needed it, but most of the exercising involved self defense drills from Koto's club. Still, Nanako asked Eiji to confirm the flatness of her belly after a week of Koto's regimen.

Spying on all of this budding intimacy was Amane, who approved of her junior students getting their feelings all mixed up for each other.

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