Saturday, April 13, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Joshikausei - Episode 1 - Momoko Slaps Thigh

Momoko had enough of an annoying mosquito, but then she left a big red palm print when she tried to smack it before she left her classroom.

Why was Momoko so self-conscious about her short skirt on the train? See above.

Momoko was just hanging out in an empty classroom when her friends Mayumi and Shibumi stopped in to say hi and play with her thighs. Well, Momoko's thighs played with Mayumi, but that's a distinction without a difference.

Momoko had one more visitor before she left for the day - that annoying mosquito. It didn't even bite her, but she ended up with a big red welt all the same.

From the end credits it looks like the girls, and perhaps a big sister, will have some enjoyable mingle time throughout the season.

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