Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Fairy Tail Final Season - Episode 305 - Mirajane Pierced

Things looked bad for Mirajane when August put her out of her misery so Irene could quickly follow him to meet up with Zeref and the rest of the Spriggan 12.

Irene wanted to pay back Mirajane for defeating her little sword pets, by actually using the swords' powers to lash her to a boulder and burn her with acid.

Meanwhile, Sorano met up with her little sister Yukino, but the elder sister didn't feel worthy to be family again because of her dark guild past. Angel has no problem fighting alongside Yukino, though. Hugs will come later.

It was a good thing that Brandish was still with August after Irene rearranged the land of Fiore. She shrank Mirajane's wound and gave us that most interesting scene of Mirajane inspecting her boobs. August was a pure gentleman in making sure those perfect breasts weren't ruined.

Mavis just got her real body back, so she was totally not prepared to do anything against the combined might of monster magic within the Spriggan 12. Just dealing with Zeref is bad enough.

After resting a bit, Fairy Tail started their counterattack at dawn to reclaim their guild. They have to fight through a million soldiers and one resurrected God Serena. They have someone who can take that guy out, though. Gildarts! He finally shows up again after something hundred episodes or manga chapters.

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