Sunday, April 07, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Date A Live S3 - Episode 12 [END] - Shido Bang

In this season finale which could have been an OVA, Shido's Spirit power overflows and the Spirit girls need to date him to get him back to normal.

Something is wrong with Shido. He's way overpowered and he's way too charming. The Spirit girls' powers have overflowed into him and to fix him, each of the girls need to kiss him. But Shido has a condition for his "dates."

Much like what Shido has to go through to get the girls in the mood for their first kiss during their dates, he wants each of the girls to make his heart go "doki doki" before their kisses rebalance his powers. It's time for the girls to get him back! Of course, this is a fanservice OVA, so we're at the water park with the girls wearing skimpy swimsuits.

First up were the Yamai sisters Yuzuru and Kaguya. They thought their usual charm would be enough to make Shido's heart skip a beat, but they had to resort to lewd ice cream licking. It worked!

Next up was Natsumi, who figured she needed her adult form to get Shido excited. This was a bad idea, since he was already sucking out so much of the girls' Spirit power. Shido no ecchi loves his lolis, apparently.

Yoshino teased her big brother by wearing a safety suit underneath her cute blue number. The idea that she was about to take off her stained suit in front of him gave him the required rush.

Things moved to a lounge scene after dark and I noticed that the girls weren't kissing him after they got their requisite doki doki. This lead to the predictable pattern of Tohka having to save Shido with a kiss for real.

Was Kotori's group really going to have to blow up her big brother? Hardly. The Spirit girls all worked together to get their kisses in with Tohka being saved for last. Happy endings all around for this OVA style season finale.

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