Monday, April 22, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai - Episode 3 - Uruka Apron Waifu

Uruka is really racing ahead in the harem points race. Childhood friend, secretly in love with him, and she can cook!

Mafuyu-sensei is one of the failed tutors for Rizu and Fumino. Those two girls overheard her saying the school would remove Nariyuki as their tutor if they didn't get above the midterm average in their poor subjects. Rizu was extra motivated.

Fumino had complications. She needed to break a fever and get over her cold to take her midterm without having to take a make-up exam. I'm not sure why they needed Nariyuki there to care for her when Uruka was more than capable, but you need to have the harem king around for the ecchi scenes to happen.

Midterm crises are over, showing Nariyuki doing better than any of the previous tutors. It's time to ask Uruka what's up with her crush, and her swimming buddies Kawase and Umihara are on it.

Operation frilly tomboy dress was a big success. Kawase and Umihara (long and short haired girls respectively), declared victory and made Uruka walk out in public with her new dress. Of course, she ran into Nariyuki, and they had to look like a couple in the bookstore.

To put a big exclamation point on their outward appearance as a couple, they entered a princess carry contest to win Nariyuki's little sister a princess costume. Nariyuki only worried about his imouto Hazuki and repaying Uruka's effort at hiding her embarrassment. Uruka held it together by enduring her happiness at being so close to her crush while she worried if she was too heavy or she smelled sweaty. Both their efforts ended in Hazuki proudly wearing the grand prize.

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