Sunday, March 17, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Manaria Friends - Episode 9 - Grea Taps Tail

Grea filled the awkward silence in the room with some nervous tail tapping.

The drama of the week came from Anne having a jealous fit over seeing Hanna in Grea's room when Grea had told her not to come in recently. It turned out that one of Grea's windows had broken, so Hanna was there to assess the damage and Grea didn't want Anne to see the mess. Grea made the first move to reclaim the distance Anne had made over their misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Hanna saw the rift between the close pair as having wider consequences. She inspired her student council members to follow her, come what may, in resolving a lasting peace between Anne and Grea. Of course, those two had already made up by then, so all that energy and emotion was moot.

Anne and Grea do not appear to be doing a lot of studying in that bed, even with all those books strewn around.

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