Saturday, March 16, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Endro - Episode 10 - Fai Nibbles Seira's Ear

Fai's hungry dreams led to the familiar solution of gnawing on Seira's ear. She says she's used to it already.

The Hero Party got caught in a freak blizzard in the mountains, so they decided to tell each other their dreams of the future to keep themselves awake in the bitter cold. Mei's dream of visiting Tarka Village already happened, but she still dreamed of collecting all the Cartado in the world and ruling over it. Seira wanted boobs and a clean room. Fai wanted a 7 flavor fish. Yusha wanted to be a well-recognized Hero.

Unfortunately, these dreams of the future became real dreams because the girls found it hard to stay awake. A dream monster came to take advantage of the sleeping party, but Seira's strong sense of reality (and bitter disappointment at never achieving real big boobs) broke the dream monster's spell and she woke them all up before all their cartado were eaten by the sneaky creature.

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