Saturday, March 23, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Endro - Episode 11 - Dark Beauty Sensei Happy then Sad

The sudden reappearance of Maid Golem left Dark Beauty Sensei feeling jealous and stalking her drinking buddy Mao-chan.

Princess Rona's recording cartado, conveniently kept in her ample bosom to Seira's dismay, showed Mao-chan proof that the Hero Party had truly leveled up. Since Mao couldn't give them their preferred reward of a Hero's Quest, Yusha had a bright idea for a different reward.

The Hero Party wanted to spend time at Mao's apartment! But first, they needed to clean it up, while making jokes about how Seira's room was the same way. Fai threw in some random English to react to Seira's remark on how elves are long-lived and she would need another hundred years to finish cleaning her room.

Mao's first friend, the Maid Golem, suddenly appeared when Chibi Dragon had a bad reaction to Mao's magic cooking. That Sea God also came back up, but Chibi just ate him again. Perhaps the question of why Chibi had Maid Golem in his belly will be answered in the final episode when the Hero Party comes to rescue the princess after Mao-chan panicked when it was revealed the Hero Party was thrown back in time too.

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