Thursday, March 21, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Domestic na Kanojo - Episode 10 - Rui Skeptical Look

Natsuo said he was going to be somewhere, but Rui didn't believe him. She was right not to.

The Literature Club put on a maid cafe for the cultural festival. Natsuo living the dream, except he's secretly seeing his stepsister teacher. Meanwhile, Miu didn't appreciate Natsuo teasing her about her crush on their club's adviser. He got a nice broken leg out of that little elbow.

Rui decided to help Natsuo out with all the important things, like bathing. He insisted on turning the lights off so he wouldn't be tempted, but that would only make things worse. Especially when Rui reached for the soap and she didn't actually grab the soap...

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