Friday, February 01, 2019

Omake ScreenCap - Domestic na Kanojo - Episode 4 - Natsuo Rui Spy

Natsuo and Rui started following Hina around to find an opportunity to break up her adulterous affair.

We got some fanservice from Hina when Natsuo and Rui got her phone to call her boyfriend. That operation failed, but a chance meeting at the restaurant where Fumiya works got everyone the chance to get all the messy details of the relationship out in the open, and to show what a silver tongued liar the "nice guy" cheater was.

The sisters started to feel like part of Natsuo's family when they visited his mother's grave with him. Hina also told him she broke up with that guy, making Rui happy too. This just means it's time for the real messy romantic drama to start!

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