Sunday, February 24, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Manaria Friends - Episode 6 - Anne Floats Next to Grea

The school's beach trip included Grea teaching Anne to float in a secluded cove.

I don't know how Hanna got a rivalry with Liz, but Poppy and Lou got dragged along into with a magical beach volleyball grudge match. The funniest thing besides the fireball spikes was how Liz used a voodoo doll to control Lou's body.

Anne and Grea walked off on their own little private date, but Anne seemed a bit reluctant to go to such a beautiful secret cove. We'll learn why soon enough.

Grea wanted to teach Anne how to swim! Or at least be comfortable enough in the water to float. It helps to have a cute dragon tail as a floatie, especially when attached to a cute dragon girl.

The end credits had some fun painted scenes, with the teachers enjoying grub and hooch while we're always reminded that Owen is never far away from the princess.

Anne looked forward to the night time activities. Hurr. She meant "fireworks" from an "eastern land" provided by Miranda-sensei. But Anne also meant dressing Grea in matching pajamas for a sleepover. I can pretty much guess she wants to put Grea in some kind of animal onesie like she got for herself.

Lou's magical misadventures continue in the end card.

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