Thursday, February 21, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Go-toubun no Hanayome - Episode 7 - Itsuki Panics

Itsuki has a very good reason to be horrified. The clock is saying something very bad on the day of midterm exams.

Last time, we saw Fuutarou waking up to Miku sleeping in her own bed that he had borrowed. Meanwhile, the other girls want to mess with sleepyhead Fuutarou by disguising Itsuki as Miku. Nino got the details right, but Fuutarou only figured it was Itsuki because of the color of her pajamas.

Ichika got Fuutarou to break through his and Itsuki's pride by "fooling" each other that he was tutoring Miku. This identical impersonation stuff comes in really handy.

Speaking of impersonation, they were really late to get to school, but Yotsuba made it in time because she can run fast. Fuutarou figured the other sisters could fool the teacher in front of the door by wearing Yotsuba's ribbon. He tried it too, but no such luck. That five pinkie swear we see in the opening credits comes from the sisters promising to do their best on the midterms.

This sisters did their best and on the subjects they excelled at, for them, we each had a little scene of how they incorporated Fuutarou's lessons.

The moment of truth was whether the sisters failed any of their tests. The results showed that each of the sisters DID NOT FAIL one of their subjects. This was good enough for Nino to convince their father in lawyerly fashion not to fire Fuutarou. But he still had to treat them to a parfait. Only one, because five passes only adds up to one reward!

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