Saturday, February 23, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Endro - Episode 7 - Fai Eats Melons

While trying to get to know Fai better, Princess Rona found herself in a melon eating contest as Fai's partner.

While reading through the histories of the previous 998 Hero Parties, Rona realized she didn't know anything about the current Yusha's party members. She followed Seira around, finding her room a big mess, and followed Mei around to all her cartado shops.

The eye catch shows that Rona is going on a wild adventure with Fai.

Following Fai around was going to be wild! As in, Fai was going on her annual "wild trip" where she gets back to nature and enters a melon eating contest. I was impressed with Rona who never really complained and managed the best she could in Fai's wake, even eating one melon to help her win that contest.

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