Saturday, February 23, 2019

10 Second Anime - Sword Art Online - Alicization - Episode 19

Alice hears about her origins, triggering the notorious 871 Code. Eugeo meets the Pontifex in her chambers.

Episode 19 - "The Seal of the Right Eye"


There were two halves to the episode, with Alice defying her orders and tripping the System Alert Code: 871, and the other half being Eugeo's seduction to the dark side. I saw two parallels for each scene. The first was how both Kirito and Administrator convinced their subject to go against their programming. Of course, Kirito did it by telling the truth and Pontifex did it by invading Eugeo's dream and lying about how he was never loved. Her method was very much like Iago in Othello by letting Eugeo only see and hear parts of his memories and not the full context. I hope this stuff becomes the basis of his future redemption.

The other parallel I saw was that both scenes showed a game system mechanic that the artificial souls were never supposed to know about. Kirito thinks Code 871 was put in there by the game authors, and I tend to agree with him. This alert is how they're supposed to identify their potential murderbot AI. The other game mechanic is how Adminstrator makes her Integrity Knights by Removing Core Protection. This might be how real souls are made to occupy AI bodies within the game, but Pontifex figured out how to do it herself. I can also see the game authors just monitoring her spontaneous actions and trying to see if this could be their own solution to the murderbot question. Or even placing identities into these robots in the outside world for all the murdering to happen. We'll see.

The last thing I want to say is that I've been waiting 19 episodes to see that sexy blue haired lady from the first episode, and I was not disappointed. I'm still curious about how all that blue tone turned into lavender, but I'm really happy with how seductive and sensual her character was for Eugeo's fall into darkness. I wonder if all her sessions are like that, or whether this was just specific to Eugeo's personality.


And here we have a recap of last week's recap episode.

Even the Integrity Knights knew they weren't enough to defend against the Dark Territories invasion.

Alice sees confirmation of Pontifex's lies from those dark minion gargoyles.

Kirito's theory is that Pontifex lets the nobles be corrupt and indolent so as not to have higher ambitions of toppling her. The lower nobles and commoners could easily field a large enough army to face the coming monster invasion.

Alice is really attached to the memory of her sister Selka. I wonder if she was one part of that triangle crystal that got closed off during her Synthesis process.

Kirito thinks Alice Synthesis Thirty's personality and memories will disappear when Alice Zuberg gets her core back. I wonder about that.

Alice wants to see her home village before she turns back, just to appreciate how much she lost before she gets it back. I get that feeling.

Renouncing the Integrity Knights brought on the red eye! System Alert Code: 871!

The red glowing effects during this dark scene are great.

So, did Alice's eye pop, or what? Nice cliffhanger transition to Eugeo's seduction scene.

Can the Administrator invade dreams while she's dormant? Or how does that work.

That axe looks like it's going to be important.

Cardinal's little spy says run, but it's too late. Eugeo should have stabbed her before she woke.

Pontifex figured Eugeo was needy for confirmation that he was loved, and the three main characters who proved it got shut out of his memories. That triangle prison is the core that gets taken out, I presume. Tiese was more important than I gave her credit for, but she was the reason he got dragged away by a dragon, so that's not too surprising.

Alice says Love is not a transaction! Listen to her! Pontifex really tore into that point by saying his mother divided her love between his siblings. Eugeo doesn't know that love multiplies; there's not some finite amount that you have to parcel out to his relationships.

Anyway, I barely paid attention to anything Pontifex was saying because DAYUM, she sexy. Of course, it's all fake and enhanced, so I'm looking forward to seeing her grotesque rage face.

Next time, Kirito will try some talk-no-jutsu on his buddy Eugeo Synthesis Thirty Two before he just beats his ass down. Probably.

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