Saturday, February 16, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Endro - Episode 6 - Mao-chan Gets Headpats and Candy

When Mao-chan first arrived back in time, she was mistaken for a child and all she got while looking for work were headpats and candy.

The newly awakened Demon Lord's only companion was her golem caretaker and teacher. Mao never even learned her name before she was defeated by the Hero Party.

Mao-chan Sensei got Demon Lord Fever (just a strong flu that not eve a Demon Lord can escape) and her best/worst students, the Hero Party, came to visit. Mei turned out to be a domestic goddess and they made sure Seira caused no disasters by touching anything.

Mao-chan's first real friend was the dark beauty Warrior who just picked her up when she found her sleeping in an alley. Mao helped her defeat a big dragon and the lolicon Dark Beauty got her the job of teaching adventurers. As a public school teacher, Mao got the ultimate adult prize - a public official title and a stable income.

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