Saturday, February 09, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Endro - Episode 5 - Rona Spins

Princess Rona really loves her Hero, and she wants the rest of the kingdom to love Yusha as much as she does.

The Hero Party was happy about how their summer report turned out; Mao-chan, not so much. At least their classmates liked how entertaining the "fairy tale" was. Yes, each Hero tale should sound like a fairy tale!

The Hero Party greeted Princess Rona in their usual flashy way. Surprisingly to the rest of Yusha's classmates, Rona's magic actually proved Yusha is indeed the Legendary Hero. She's got the sword and everything, of course.

It was Rona's turn for the eye catch. I suppose we'll see Mao-chan and Chibi Dragon next?

What better way for the town to appreciate the Hero like Princess Rona does than by holding a Hero Festival? Themed games and food kept everyone's attention on Yusha, whether she wanted it or not. Today was a pink day for that figurine and Seira looked like she was having too much fun playing Whack-a-Yusha.

Princess Rona's plan before she met Yusha was to marry the Hero. She doesn't even care if the Hero is a woman or not, since royalty can change laws or rules or whatever. But then she ended up liking Yusha so much, she decided to transfer into the Adventurer School to be closer to her. And maybe keep an eye on a not-so-much Demon Lord too.

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