Friday, February 08, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Date A Live S3 - Episode 5 - Miku Big Pout

Miku made a pouting face that Kaguya quite enjoyed.

Natsumi had a hard time accepting that other people could accept her original form as cute or attractive, even after impersonating Kotori to elicit unguarded, candid opinions.

Meanwhile, the DEM Industries internal corporate politics has Ellen and the other board members threatening Shido and his city. Origami awaits her turn for drama after the dust has settled.

After the Spirits dealt with falling satellites, Natsumi allowed herself to be "sealed" by Shido's kiss, but he didn't have a chance to tell her that the act removes her battle dress. An untamed Spirit has no need to pack regular clothes, so Natsumi had to borrow Shido's hoodie.

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