Friday, February 08, 2019

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 18

Russia declares war on Academy City, as Touma, Accelerator, and Hamazura find their way to Russia for seemingly unrelated reasons.

#18 - "The Alliance of Independent Nations"


The three stories following the ultimate melding of magic and science, the pinnacle of scientific powers, and the acme of outrageous fortune will smash into each other at some point, but until then, all we can do is enjoy the ride.

For Touma's route, it's turning into an TV special of "This is Your Life." Well, it's more like, "These are all the people you didn't kill and now they're helping you." I chuckle at all these Right Seat of God people who keep coming back to find themselves on Touma's side after he's defeated them. We saw that with Acqua just recently, and now Vento, who is coming all the way back from the beginning of this story. Even that Lessar lacrosse girl is helping out after she got kicked in the gut by Oriana.

Accelerator's route is going to be interesting as it looks like he's going to figure out how to code in magic. It's all vectors, yo! I know this show has been adapting the source material at breakneck speed to get us to this finale, but I would have liked to have seen how Last Order got given her virus, or whatever is going on with her.

As for Hamazura, I think he's going to arrive at Elizalina's Alliance right when they need some of his good luck. I'm sure his stalker Mugino is going to show up in an unexpected way too.


Welcome to WWIII y'all. Russia just declared war on Academy City, baring its nukes at it.

Fiamma is working the Russians from behind the scenes. It's always nice to use chaos as cover for big operations.

Oh hey, new opening credit sequence and song.

Hamazura's S-Class Luck is still holding. Goes in to rob a store, stops a robbery in progress and gets stuff in return.

Touma keeps running into these lacrosse girls. This Lessar is the one who mixed up all the suitcases when it actually didn't matter.

Ah, she's here for ecchi humor and to provide some harem hijinks when Touma has no haremettes around. She never did say how she found out Touma was sneaking into Russia and how she found him.

Meanwhile, France and Britain have restarted their Hundred Years War. This one will be over much quicker.

You know which are the important nuns because their hair and habits look different. I think the shorter the skirt, the more powerful they are...

Carissa and the Knights are actually doing their jobs.

Har. Touma just assumes Lessar doesn't know how sex works, because she's obviously not going to provide a new advance force member on the spot.

I'm just going to forget whatever Fiamma is saying in this one-side conversation because since it's so important, they'll just repeat it during a big fight later.

Fiamma needs this Sasha person for some reason, so Touma thinks they should find Sasha first and lay in wait.

Well, that plan didn't work out. Lessar and Touma got to this Elizalina Alliance place, and Fiamma threw a big fiery cross down on their heads.

Ha. Lessar is so excited to see Imagine Breaker in action.

So, Sasha shows up anyway. And now Vento! She's pissed at Fiamma for causing the Roman Church so much trouble.

Accelerator got a magic spell. Maybe he'll learn to use it?

That armored girl looks like Mikasa, but she doesn't talk like her or MIKASA. Did Academy City finally get a 1 to 1 clone of Mikoto? Level 5 Number One vs. Number Five, who you got?

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