Thursday, January 31, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san - OVA 3 - Yaya Cat Toy Plays

At the cat spirit summer festival, Yaya was renowned for her cat toy dance.

Yaya finally got her own half episode in the OVA's, and it was Kogarashi's opportunity to see what the cat spirit world was like. The big draw for the cat festival was Yaya doing a "traditional" dance with cat toys, which no cat could resist. One big guy was always trying to beat Yaya at resisting her teasing dance, but he ended up losing eventually.

Yaya got featured in the first eye catch as well.

In the second half, Chisaki has come over to visit and the conversation naturally turned to how to get Kogarashi to fall in love with Oboro so she can have his babies. Topics drifted from getting his attention, doing what he likes, and even asking the human "expert" Chisaki on romance.

Somehow, the girls thought Kogarashi was a huge idol groupie because of some stray bit of conversation, and things ended up where they usually end up on this show. Going too far and freaking Kogarashi out.

I would not mind to see the Yuragisou Idol Group's first music video. Thank you for being such a fun show.


This being the OVA's, we had uncensored NSFW scenes right out of the box.

Yaya's "battle" with the big cat had some dress break like most of the action fight scenes in this show. In the end, her opponent could not resist her infinity technique, after Kogarashi sneakily removed his cheating sunglasses.

Oboro cites Yuuna's effective push down and sneak into bed naked technique for getting Kogorashi's attention, but Yuuna insists it's always accidental. Yeah sure, Yuuna. Oboro is sure that she'll have quadruplets with Kogarashi. These flashbacks also show that you really need to get those blurays.

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