Sunday, January 27, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Manaria Friends - Episode 2 - Grea Feels Thiccness

Grea just molted (think dragonborn growth spurt) and she realized certain parts of her got way bigger again.

Grea looked like she was having a painful fever, but none of her classmates or the nurse knew anything about dragonborn diseases. Anne went on a dangerous library quest, but whatever solution she came back with was moot, because Grea was just molting. She wouldn't let Anne keep her shed skin either. Stingy!

So, Grea didn't mind the bigger boobs or hips; it was her thicc tail she was most self-conscious about. She tried many Japanese homeopathic methods for weight loss, but nothing worked, of course. Anne noticed Grea's tail had "filled out," but this wasn't a compliment for the poor dragon girl.

A more conventional yuri situation shows up in the end card this week.

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