Sunday, January 27, 2019

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 15

Accelerator and the other members of GROUP continue their missions to oppose criminal mercenary groups in Academy City.

#15 - "Spark Signal"


Here we go again. Name placards, people, name placards. Anime-only audiences have a hard enough time trying to recognize faces in anime, but to bring back so many characters from weeks' past or even years' past is just too cruel. In the light novel, we would at least have some text saying, "Musujime protested strongly being attached to young boys," but in the anime we'd maybe have one of the other characters call her name once, if they're being generous. Most of the time a normal conversation between Japanese people would have a "hey you" or an already established target of speech by context.

Anyway, the whole deal for this next acronym mercenary arc is to take on whatever DRAGON is supposed to be, which was mentioned in a sideways relevant way to that other Level 5 guy Accelerator took out. Again, we'll see Accelerator insist he's a villain, as he casually saves innocent people and is sensitive to their trauma needs. Some villain. ur doin it wrong, Accelerator.


Last Order is just yakking about dinner to Accelerator like she's suppose to for her "report."

That claw thing he made just might come in handy. Hurr.

Ho. He's calling out the older sister type cop lady Yomikawa for not knowing how to use a rice cooker.

Ooh. Accelerator and Last Order have a "deito" for the weekend. This will feature in the endgame for the arc.

Yay! Rolling robot maid-imouto.

Har. Tsuchimikado is all butt-hurt Etzali never told him he had a little sister type back home.

Everyone in GROUP is a lolicon or shotacon. Musujime denies it, but that reaction is confirming it. This means there will be a little boy somewhere in this story arc.

Ah. Those ITEM people are going to get dragged into whatever is going on with GROUP.

Kinuhata is ultra-skirt flirting with Hamazura. Busted!

Welp, GROUP is going after terrorists looking for info on DRAGON. I see a little boy for Musujime here...

Somebody wants revenge on GROUP and ITEM. Somebody named Stephanie Gorgeouspalace. Hell of a name.

Oh? An individual Governing Board member wants to root out the every last terrorist looking for DRAGON? Shiokishi in a battle suit is looking suspicious.

Oops. Kinuhata doesn't want to join the scrub mercenary team full of former acronym enemies. That idea seems hinky and kind of designating some scapegoats.

Yeah. Saving pregnant ladies is totally what a villain would do.

Well, I'm totally lost. Hamazura has to rush back to the hospital to save Rikou and we'll have to see how this Gorgeouspalace lady ties ITEM and GROUP together on her kill mission.

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