Saturday, January 26, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Manaria Friends - Episode 1 - Grea Buttons Up

Grea establishes the setting for this short form anime quite well - cute dragon girl goes to magical boarding school.

Princess Anne contrasts her morning ritual with Princess Grea by showing how scatter-brained she is about everything but magic books.

Grea and Anne are still in that new friends phase where every little connection or commonality is magnified. Yes, those are yuri overtone bells you're hearing.

Anne is a magical genius, but she still needs experience to temper how much and what kind of magic she needs to apply to situations. She tried to help out during an accident in the library involving an angry phoenix but ended up covering the whole place in thick ice. Still, she has her new friend Grea to support her. Among others...

This story takes place in the Bahamut universe, when and where exactly is not revealed yet, but the end card has some fun with Grea and Anne cosplaying Kaiser and Favaro. Favarooooo!

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