Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Kakegurui XX - Episode 3 - Yumeko Happy

Yumeko gets to gamble again. Yumeko is happy. These two items are directly related.

Yumeko's opponents this time are Miyo and Miri. Miri claims she is happy to see her distant relative, confirming that Yumeko Jabami is related somehow to this Momobami group. Miyo is not so happy to see Yumeko, though.

Suzui decided to join the game to help Yumeko win because he intuited that something was off about this match. Yumeko was happy again. Runa, the rule keeper and dealer, started things off.

This Rei character has the school prince act down pat, even using a double chin-in-hand to placate some flashy girls.

Ririka's bumping into Mary last episode was no coincidence; she needs her to join a plot for votes against the interlopers. Meanwhile, these -bami cousins have poisoned Yumeko and made the antidote part of the stakes. Mary gets involved with tons of vote chips, keikakudouri, but things have gone off the rails a bit because Suzui joined the game. He'll become a crazy gambler for Yumeko's sake!

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