Wednesday, January 23, 2019

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 14

All the factions behind Touma and the Queen face Carissa in the final confrontation for control of Great Britain.

#14 - "Heroes"


The funnest thing about this episode, besides the Acqua-assisted Touma Punch, was how the Queen, so full of verve and l'esprit de guerre, declared Revolution and all 90 million Brits Heroes. And it wasn't just some inspirational lip service either. Touma felt how strong everyone assembled at Buckingham Palace was and that they were all Main Characters. Ha! He also marveled at how something like that could never happen in Japan. Meanwhile, 'Murica!

Sadly, the epilogue shows that we're in for a magical break and back to science basics after the conclusion of this adventure in London. The whole reenactment of the Hundred Years War (for only three weeks or whatever) was just a distraction to force Index out in the open for Fiamma, the last of the active Right Seat of God people, to steal her magical pressure release valve or similar device for his plans to ultimately be Above God. Hey, that's Touma's surname!


Well, all the dominoes have been set up, so now it's time to knock them all down and see them end up all at the same place - Buckingham Palace.

Really not enough screen time for Princess Rimea. Meanwhile, let's have all the choice cleavage shots of Carissa before she leaves the stage.

So, is everyone pulling comm devices out of their boobs these days?

Also, how 'bout dem witches? No fanservice from them?

Oh, so now Carissa is a martyr and she lurves Britain but just disagreed with how the Queen was handling the conflict with France and the Churches.

She may be a martyr, but mama needs to give her a spanking. But first, to nerf that weapon we'll make the Power of Britain reside in the People instead of the Crown. Sneaky revolutionary crap. Sounds familiar...

Oh, don't feel bad about not being the main character, Touma. You never really were anyway.

Okay, time for Falcon, er, Touma punch! With an assist from Acqua Orwell! Nice moment.

Carissa knocked flat. Now she knows how it feels.

Oh no. That's a broken Index. No more munching on Touma's head and stealing his food.

Next time, more commercial space for that Accelerator spinoff coming later this year.

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