Sunday, January 13, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Endro - Episode 1 - Mao Hops Up

The Demon Lord, er, new teacher Mao tries to introduce herself to the Adventurers' Classroom, but the podium appears to be a worthy opponent.

The anime starts with the Hero's party defeating the Demon Lord. It's way too soon to show the end roll! That's where the name of the anime comes from, if you haven't figured that out.

The spell the heroes used to defeat Mao actually just sent the Demon Lord back in time, turned him into a little girl, and dumped her into the city where the Hero trained to be an adventurer. Mao saw an opportunity to change the future by preventing Yusha from becoming a Hero and joining Seira, Fai, and Mei in defeating her in the future.

This show is so much fun. Last season, we had Yuru Yuri as spies and now we have the same artist making a fluffy fantasy RPG show. Also, all the girls are named after their adventurer class as expressed in the Japanese language.

Yusha doesn't have a Class yet, so she gets a club when she fights. However, Mao's plot to flunk Yusha out of Adventurers' School fails to fight fate as the Hero party still found the Hero's Sword. Mao probably sped up Yusha's destiny and her ultimate defeat.

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