Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet - Episode 9 - Romio's Usual Birthday Celebration

Juliet's birthday is coming up and it's a certainty Romio will not be celebrating this day as he usually does.

Char is looking forward to spending time with Juliet on her birthday, but Juliet has a request that sends her into a simmering jealous rage.

Speak of the devil, here's the guy that Juliet wants Char's help in breaking curfew on her birthday. Somehow she gets Romio to wear a disguise as her escort as she goes shopping for Juliet's birthday present and they both end up agreeing on what kind of lingerie would look good on Juliet.

A sudden downpour gets Char's clothes seductively transparent, but she can't tempt Romio because he's so in love with Juliet. He also treats her with friendly respect, like Juliet did to Char when they first became friends as children.

A sudden attack from foreign agents allows Romio to show how much he cares for Juliet by watching out for her friends, even though they're on different sides of a longstanding feud between nations. Char can't help but feel frustrated that her friendship with Juliet has become second-ranked to Juliet's romance with Romio.

Meanwhile, Romio and Juliet keep showing how much in love they are. Every cute little thing sets Romio off, and every thoughtful gesture makes Juliet happy. Char gave us a sense of foreboding for how doomed this relationship might be, especially when we find out that Romio's big brother is the head prefect.

Juliet becomes a cute cat girl in the end card.

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