Sunday, December 16, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Anima Yell! - Episode 11 - Uki Floats

Uki thought she had some time to relax in the ocean, but that was before Kohane decided to do some cliff diving to get over her fear of heights.

The girls incorporated Kohane's need to work on her fear of heights with the new routine for the summer festival performance. Uki was super thankful to get the thigh squish from heaven!

The girls had a good time and successful performance, even though Kotecchan was still miffed they had to wear sneakers and socks with their bikini bottoms.

The next big thing is the cheerleading tournament. Uki was proud of Kotecchan for not making more comments about Hizume's lack of artistic ability when making plans for new outfits.

Back to the cheerleading equipment store! The girls each chose different colors and styles, and Kohane chose orange, of course. So yes, she was Cheer Ranger Orange!

While the girls were there, they ran into former teammates of Hizume and Kana, the Nekoya twins (more animal names). They actually called out Kana for being heavy into yuri for Hizume, but the target wondered why they were talking about lily flowers. Oh, Hizume...

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