Saturday, November 17, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Release the Spyce - Episode 7 - Goe Kicks In Door

Goe turned into a one-woman wrecking crew under the influence of some weird gas released by Moryo's boss.

Byakko continues to find her place while under confinement to Tsukikage's compound. That place does not include bossing Mei around. Mei's abdominal stretch shows that she is very much the boss of Byakko.

Momo's relationship with her mentor Yuki is nicely contrasted with Goe's close one with Hatsume as Goe struggles with a bit of jealousy for Theresia, Hatsume's old friend.

Thankfully that mind control gas Moryo released against the public made Goe use her fighting strength against a criminal organization. Too bad for Momo and Yuki that they had to be the ones detain her before she continued her rampage.

Hatsume's calming presence and strong bond with her apprentice were able to break mind controlling substance's hold on Goe. Good job, Hatsume!

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